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Alexander the Great coins discovered in Armenia

About four dozens of silver coins of Alexander III of Macedon (commonly known Alexander the Great) were found in different provinces of the Republic of Armenia (according to the Armenia State Museum collection), portraying Heracles’s head on the front and Zeus sitting on the throne, on the back of the coins.

Widely spread throughout the Hellenic world, these coins continued to be struck after Alexander’s death. Due to an immense reputation of Alexander, high quality of coins and great demand for them, the Alexandrian-type coins remained in use for almost two more centuries. More than 85 percent of Alexander the Great’s coins discovered in Armenia are drakhmas. They are mostly strongly worn out, have a weight of 3.7 grams – considerably less than weighed originally (about 4.3 g). Although there is no reliable statistics, the scarcity of less worn-out drakhmas and frequent discoveries of worn-out ones seem to indicate that they were in circulation in Armenia for a very long time.

* Source: the book “History of Money Circulation of Armenia”, Central Bank of RA 2018