Impressions Book



Interesting center and friendly team. Thank you for welcoming us as guests!

Sara and Dan USA


Excellent museum! One of the best we have visited. Well organized. We learned a lot and enjoyed learning about Armenians beautiful currency and collector coins.

Elena and Serbiy Kiev, Ukraine


Thank you for today's wonderful visit. We wish you a lot of luck and the best monetary policy ever!

Philippe UAE/France


Thank you so much for the visit. We discoverd Tigran the Great coin. Long history understood by looking at coins. Very interesting!

Steve McGregor, De La Ru UK


I have had the privilege to visit many museums and numismatic exhibitions all over the world. This is the best!

Raed H. Charafeddine, First Vice Governor, Banque du Liban


I had enjoyed my tour thoroughly. There are few ideas that I will adopt in our upcoming Money Museum at the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Jan Suitt England


A fascinating display covering all important aspects of currency. Excellent tour.

David G.


Inside the main entrance of the Central Bank of Armenia, there is a visitor's center that includes a display of coins and banknotes used in Armenian territory throughout history. This exhibit is arranged in a way that you are really getting a history of Armenia in your tour. The center provided us with a very pleasant English-speaking tour guide who was happy to explain the exhibits to us. This was a great experience and we recommend it to anyone. We would like to thank the Central Bank of Armenia for our visit!

Ralf Sefrin CIT


Thank you for this very interesting tour which was impressive and presented with passion from the guide. Well done!

Andrzej Olejnik numizmatyk


Bardzo serdecznie dziekuje za piekny i pelen profesjonalizmu przekaz informacji podczas wycieczki w Muzeum Centralnego Banku Armenii. Osobliwe podziekowania dla Pani Przewodniczki, ktora zaangazowala sie niezwykle. Polecam wszystkim numizmatykom i nie tylko....

IAB centre, Students and staff


Thank you very much for informative excursion. It was very interesting and we had a very great time! All the best to our Armenian Central Bank. :)

Team for Financial Inclusion, National Bank of Tajikistan


We got very good impressions about development of banking system in Armenia. Well done! Keep on!